Stephanie Woolf, Gründerin von WRC.

WRC ist eine Tierschutzorganisation, die sich um die Rettung, Rehabilitation und Auswilderung von Wildtieren im Western Cape, Südafrika kümmert.

August 2001

"I opened the sanctuary in the Cape at the beginning of 2001. Prior to this I worked in Pretoria for a number of years as well as working with Rita Miljo at CARE (Baboon sanctuary and release) in the Northern Province. Our aim is to provide a sanctuary and release facility for local wildlife and conduct conservation education where and whenever the opportunity presents itself. Since opening the doors so to speak in January, we have dealt with a variety of cases. Non coastal birds have been sent to us by SANCCOB, which has allowed them to concentrate on the Penguins and other coastal birds that desperately need their help. Another patient, a small spotted Genet, had been burnt in a bush fire and due to his injuries he was unable to hunt, so got weaker and weaker. To add to this poor animals problems he got attacked by dogs . . . Fortunately through all his troubles and a great deal of care and attention he managed to survive and has since been released. Another species that seem to find their way here are small buck. They are usually picked up by concerned members of the public who think the baby has been abandoned by its mother, instead of realizing that the little one has been hidden by its mother and should in fact have been left alone.

Another side to our work is education, especially the farmers in the area. We are currently trying to convince them not to use gin traps and the gun, but to trap with care, and we will then release the animals to another less problematic area. We are planning an educational course for regular bird volunteers in the handling of raptors. It is a totally different method from that used to hold a penguin or a dove, as these birds, if not handled correctly, can cause some serious damage. We are also working with small groups at a time involving school children to encourage conservation. This is a very important part of our work at WRC.

As a result of my experience with CARE, Iíve now become involved with the Baboon Rescue Group. They try to capture and relocate so called 'problem animals'. At present I have a pet youngster who had become a problem to her owners because she was getting too much of a handful. Mia is an 8 month old female who had been horribly spoilt and had no manners whatsoever but she is learning quickly. Mia is very sociable but ever so naughty. When will people learn these primates are not pets but wild animals. On many occasions, before we get a chance to rescue or relocate these so called pets they are euthanized because obtaining a permit for their re-location is such a difficult and time consuming process. Tragically this has happened very recently to a Vervet monkey that was someoneís pet.

We have also set up working arrangements with other organizations such as the SPCA to try and get them to inform us of any primates or other wild creatures that need help.

We are at present putting final touches to an I.C.U. unit at the sanctuary for the badly injured and ill animals that arrive. There is also a very valuable network of ladies who look after the garden birds or act as collection points for creatures that come in for care.

Our aims are high but we are growing and look forward to being able to assist more of the local wildlife that needs our help"

Stephanie Woolf

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